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'Atelier' Miki Inokuchi


Atelier Miki Inokuchi violin, viola, and cellos are based on the principles of Inokuchi master-made instruments, yet at a more approachable price. These instruments have been developed by Miki Inokuchi as a response to the needs of advancing violinists who seek an instrument that enables them to freely express a wide variety of tonal colours and styles. A player at this level, avid enthusiast or perhaps a serious high school or college student, is ready to move up to an instrument that can help bring them to the brink of a professional career. 

Employing 35 years of experience, Miki Inokuchi's first step in the process of making his Atelier Inokuchi violins is to carefully source unfinished violins from a quality workshop; with maple guaranteed aged a minimum of 10 years, and spruce a minimum of 5 years, Miki Inokuchi specifies that the wood must be left thick, a critical element in the creation of an Atelier Inokuchi instrument -- once in shop, each instrument has its tonal plates carved to exacting dimensions, carefully tuned according to the unique qualities inherent in each piece of wood, then reassembled. It is only then that the instrument is finished with traditional hand-applied oil varnish, in the signature Inokuchi rich red-brown over a pleasing golden-yellow ground. The result is a violin that is equally at home in a chamber group as it is in a concert hall. The meticulous attention to the tonal quality of each instrument allows the Atelier Inokuchi violin to offer a truly professional quality instrument at a workshop price. 

Once final adjustments are made, Miki Inokuchi sets up each violin to produce its optimal "Inokuchi Sound", overall balanced quality of sound with a brilliant high register and rich low register. Each violin has its own character of tonal colors, and the optimal adjustment brings out this character, greatly shortening the play-in period. 

In the USA, "Atelier" Miki Inokuchi instruments are made available through

Shar Music Company

Teachers, Instructors and School programs

may be arranged

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